Poker Face

His breath reeks of Jack
His eyes meet my gaze
His hand punches me hard
I keep my poker face

The pounding goes and goes
My little head spins in daze
I pass out on the floor
I keep my poker face

He gets me breakfast next day
Gives a tight embrace
Says he is really really sorry
I keep my poker face

He brings home squash mates
Asks me to untie shoelace
I cook as they drink
I keep my poker face

His iPhone beeps at 2
I reach out in daze
She sends goodnight kisses
I keep my poker face

He goes out on a trip
I feel peace and space
Joe is our new neighbor
I keep my poker face
Joe rings the bell for sugar
And way to market place
I offer him tea
I fake my poker face

I help with his stuff
His wit and charm amaze
We chat non-stop for hours
I forget my poker face

He gives me care and joy
I sense my heartbeat race
There is new glow on me
I hate my poker face

I end my unhappy marriage
My husband calls me disgrace
He doesn’t show any remorse
I force my poker face

378 days later in Rome
Joe goes on his knee with grace
I smile teary eyed
I shed my poker face

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