Tanuj is one of the finest lyrics writers that I’ve come across in recent times. Its always a pleasure to read his work and I wish him all the best for his journey ahead.Biswapati Sarkar, Creative Director at The Viral Fever (TVF), one of the most popular online video content creator in India. Biswapati has written popular and critically acclaimed web series TVF Pitchers Season 1 and Permanent Roommates Season 2. He also essays the character of "Arnub", who is a parody of the Indian journalist Arnab Goswami on online talk-show series Barely Speaking with Arnub.
I have only recently been introduced to Tanuj Khosla’s writing. In the short time I have worked with him and after witnessing his lyric writing ability, I can confidently say Tanuj is a talented and versatile writer. His songs have made me laugh because of their humor and reflect on my own life due to the depth of the subject.Tristen Smith, Nashville based country singer-songwriter, www.tristensmith.com
Tanuj’s lyrics reflect his range and depth of emotions that he ably conveys through them, that too in multiple languages. The outward simplicity of his lyrics leave a deep impact on the audience. His work feels like a breath of fresh air!Zafar Anjum, Singapore based writer, publisher and filmmaker, www.zafaranjum.com
Tanuj is a hard working writer dedicated to his craft!Tara Shannon, Canada based singer-songwriter, www.tarashannon.me
Tanuj has a way with words and he knows how to craft them in the most effective manner. He has written humour pieces for Faking News, and they have brought smiles, maybe a few spilled coffees too, to many. Wish him all the best for everything he does, and writes.Rahul Roushan, founder of Faking News, leading news satire website of India , www.fakingnews.firstpost.com
In my short time working with Tanuj, he comes across as someone who is fiercely committed to his music goals. I’m sure that extends to his life goals as well, as it comes across in his words. From emotional topics to humorous ones, Tanuj hits the nail on the head with the emotions, although sometimes subtle, which is great because it allows me to craft music around the words without having to think too much about which genre I’m going to place the song in. The music comes naturally to the words that he pens. To me that’s a plus and makes him a professional to have on your contact list.
Zephyr Khambatta, Singapore based rapper-producer
Tanuj is a new age writer/ lyricist with Passion + Talent. Always brimming with ideas. Ask him for one and he’ll give you four!Shalaka Ranadive, famous TV actress who has worked for well known production companies like BR Chopra, Balaji Telefilms and UTV Productions including in popular TV serials of the past like like ‘Swabhimaan‘, ‘Aurat‘, ‘Zara Hat Ke‘ and ‘Itihaas‘ etc.
I directed two of his scripts and I can say he is one of the people I am most comfortable working with. His writing style is very simple and effective. He is also very flexible in his approach and is able to take into account the ultimate vision.Mayank Singh, Founder of Ashima Theatre Group
Tanuj has a special love of character that gives him the ability to immerse himself in the feelings and stories of the people he writes about with such unnerving authenticity. Each of his lyrics is a journey into some aspect of the unseen world of human emotion, told simply and directly. I wish him the very best in all his songwriting endeavours and look forward to hearing more of his marvellous stories of life and love.Susan Muranty, Sydney based singer-songwriter, www.susanmuranty.com
Tanuj is a prolific lyricist. His writing is simple and easily relatable. I think he has tremendous potential- in pop music and Bollywood.Bishwadeb Bhaumik aka DEB, Mumbai based singer-songwriter
An amazing writer who expresses beautiful poetry with perfect emotions!!Falu Shah, New York-based singer and songwriter has worked with and collaborated with a wide array of artists including A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire), Yo-Yo Ma (in The Silk Road Project), Philip GlassWyclef Jean, her teacher Ustad Sultan KhanBlues TravelerRicky Martin and Bernie Worrell (Parliament Funkadelic).
Tanuj adds a refreshing note and its great to see that potential is being used in good stead. More power to you.Mita Kapur is the founder and CEO of Siyahi, India’s leading literary consultancy.
Tanuj is a rare lyricist who can write sour-stirring lyrics in two languages – Hindi & English. He words paints images in hearts that can haunt, enchant or move the listener. I wish him all the very best on his journey.Tuhin Sinha, is among the most prolific young Indian writers today. He is known for the novels The Edge of Power, The Edge of Desire, Of Love and Politics, That Thing Called Love and 22 Yards.